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Ensuring Hadean have a blast at Gamescom 2019

Bespoke Exhibition Stand

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Client: Hadean
Project: Custom build stand
Event: Gamescom 2019 – Cologne, Germany

The challenge
Hadean Supercomputing provide developers with the high-level technology to build powerful cloud-first applications in the gaming and life sciences industries. They wanted to exhibit at Gamescom 2019, the world’s largest event for computer and video games, and were looking for exhibition experts who had experience of working at this event.

Imagine Events solution
How do you create an eye-catching display with an enclosed exhibition stand? Often at Imagine Events we’re talking about big open aspect exhibition stands that invite people in. But the business area of Gamescom requires exhibitors to have stands that are enclosed on all sides.

Hadean approached Imagine Events because we have experience of working in this area of Gamescom and dealing with all its non-traditional regulations. Restrictions of size and space challenge us to think differently to come up with ideas that aren’t just about an open booth.

For Hadean we created a fully enclosed stand using a textured brick wall effect cut through with their brightly coloured recessed logo. This design and our visual effects made the stand appealing and attracted visitors inside to see the demo area and talk to company representatives.

We also incorporated storage, a private meeting area and a demonstration area in the 16m2 space.

The result
Hadean were able to showcase their offering at the gaming industry’s biggest event, demonstrating a unique multiplayer game to show the creative possibilities that their technology unlocks. Their stand attracted the attention of developers, publishers, creatives and investors.

Imagine Events took away the hassle of dealing with the challenges of exhibiting at Gamescom and supported Hadean to make the most of their restricted and enclosed exhibition space.

A massive thank you for organising us at Gamescom this year. You’ve been super easy to work with and have made the experience as seamless as possible. Hope to keep working with you.