"/> Creating private space in a busy area for ECOMMPAY at ICE 2019 | Imagine

Creating private space in a busy area for ECOMMPAY at ICE 2019

Bespoke Exhibition Stand

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Project: Custom build stand
Event: ICE 2019 ExCel, London

The challenge
ECOMMPAY provide state-of-the art secure online payment solutions to businesses worldwide. We have worked with them since 2014 and built a large number of stands for them over this time. The challenge for the 2019 event was to keep things fresh and exciting while maintaining an excellent experience and consistent branding.

Imagine Events solution

Even when we’re working with customers we know well, we’re always looking for new ways to surprise and delight with new ideas and improvements on previous events and exhibition experiences.

We updated the exhibition space with a larger store area and more customer touchpoints. We also provided a more private space for VIPs by increasing the soundproofing to create a quiet area on a busy stand.

The innovative hexagonal wall feature has proved a great way to show off ECOMMPAY’s branding and messages, so we investigated a large number of different options to give it a new feel, by creating etched patterns for the hexagonal windows.

The result
ECOMMPAY loved the enhancements made to their exhibition stand, particularly the new features including a freestanding brand logo and additional floral arrangements which we moved in overnight to give more privacy to the seating area. We’re pleased to say we’re already looking to build on these improvements to the event experience in 2020.