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Transforming Affinity Associates’ Brand Presence at Accountex 2023

Modular Exhibition Stand

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Client: Affinity Associates
Project: Modular build with bespoke elements
Event: Accountex 2023 – Excel, London

Project Summary

We teamed up once again with Affinity Associates, a well-known and respected accountancy and outsourcing agency, to create an unforgettable presence at the 2023 Accountex Exhibition.

Our mission? To create an innovative stand that told a compelling story and boosted their brand’s visibility. They needed to effectively communicate the agency’s services, values and unique selling points. 

So we worked closely alongside our friends at Affinity Associates to craft a solution that would not only attract attention but leave a lasting impression on attendees.

The Solution
To best showcase their variety of offers, we crafted a project plan that included the development of a bespoke modular counter, tailored with precision to their unique needs. 

We introduced a halo-lit logo, bathed in vibrant LED lighting, to draw the attention of prospects and leave a lasting impression. To add a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to the overall design, a custom-branded steel trim adorned the edges of the stand.

We recognise that at bustling exhibitions, people are often pressed for time and unable to dive into lengthy explanations. To address this, we streamlined our approach to graphics, opting for concise messaging and engaging visual elements. This ensured that event attendees could swiftly grasp the essence of their offer in the midst of the exhibition frenzy.

The Result
In the past, Affinity Associates had relied on popup and roller banners, which gave them mixed results and had limited impact. Our collaboration in contrast resulted in a resounding success on all fronts. Not only were we able to elevate their brand within their market and among peers but generated a large volume of high-quality leads.

Adam Ralph, Commercial Director here at Imagine Events commented.

“We were absolutely delighted to be a part of Affinity Associates’ journey at the 2023 Accountex Show in May. Witnessing the transformation of their exhibition presence was truly remarkable, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. We are eagerly looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Affinity Associates team in 2024.

Chris Smith FCCA, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Affinity Associates said

“We can’t thank the Imagine Events team enough for their exceptional work at both the 2022 Accounting Web Live Exhibition in Coventry, and the 2023 Accountex Exhibition in London. The Imagine Events team’s dedication in their communication and expertise in show builds were truly invaluable to us as new exhibitors at both events, and we’re excitedly looking forward to another successful event with Imagine Events in 2024. Their creative and personal approach and attention to detail were instrumental in transforming our exhibition presence. We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!”