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A mini showroom showcase for flooring specialists Gerflor

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Client: Gerflor
Project: Bespoke showroom
Location: The Building Centre, London

The challenge
Gerflor is a specialist and a world leader in flooring solutions. They manufacture and market innovative, design-led and eco-responsible solutions for flooring and interior finishes. For this project they wanted our help to create a mini showroom as a showcase for their wide range of flooring products within the Building Centre.

Imagine Events solution
Gerflor gave us a pretty open brief for design on this project, but there were some important practical challenges to deal with. Making great use of the limited corner space was one priority. As we couldn’t fix any elements to the building itself, we created reinforced self-supporting walls that were sturdy enough to hang heavy flooring samples from. And we had to make sure we could get everything in place quickly and quietly while the rest of the showroom was in use.

The result
The mini 18 sqm showroom allowed Gerflor to demonstrate a wide range of flooring products across self-supporting display units, and to store samples in drawers and cupboards ready to show potential customers.

As visitors approached, a ramped floor drew them into the space where the recessed product displays proved to be a huge success as they allowed access to a lot of product samples in a small area. A shaped table and recessed TV created a comfortable space for the sales team to hold meetings and discussions.

“Our sales team found it very convenient and useful to meet existing and prospect customers at the Gerflor mini showroom.” Nav Dhillon, Marketing Manager, Gerflor