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Event Exhibition Trends for 2024

17th January 2024

Event Exhibition Trends for 2024

2024 is poised to be a year of innovation and transformation and Imagine Events are here to guide you through the trends reshaping our industry. Ready to dive into a world where events are not just gatherings but experiences?


Trend #1: Personalised Experiences

In 2024, personalisation is set to be the heartbeat of attendee engagement, and its impact begins long before the event itself. The journey of personalised engagement starts right from the initial interaction with potential attendees. Imagine leveraging AI-driven analytics not just at the event but in the lead-up to it, sending personalised invitations to prospective attendees and securing meeting times that align with their interests and availability.

This pre-event personalisation could involve tailored emails that resonate with the recipient’s previous interactions or preferences. By analysing data on attendee interests and behaviours, exhibitors can craft personalised invites that are not only more likely to be noticed but also more likely to be acted upon. Such a proactive approach sets the tone, building anticipation and a sense of bespoke treatment from the outset.

Once at the event, this tailored approach continues. Every aspect of the event experience, from the layout of individual exhibition spaces to the flow of the event, is designed to resonate with the known preferences of attendees. Personalised networking opportunities play a key role in this, facilitating connections that are not only relevant but also meaningful. The goal is to ensure that each attendee feels uniquely recognised and deeply valued, transforming their experience into something not just attended, but personally significant. This not only enhances the attendee’s experience but also elevates the overall impact and memorability of the event.

Through this holistic approach to personalisation, starting from pre-event interactions to the day of the event, exhibitors and organisers can create a more connected, engaging, and effective event experience. This is something all exhibitors can build into their approach and on-the-day execution.

Trend #2: Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is now a core element of event planning, extending beyond good intentions to actionable strategies. This year, we’ll see a surge in zero-waste initiatives, sustainable sourcing, and efforts to offset carbon footprints. 

Pioneering events that have successfully integrated these practices will serve as benchmarks, demonstrating that environmental responsibility can elevate the event experience and enhance brand perception. But the responsibility won’t just lie with event and exhibition organisers. The industry is already abuzz with talks of stand design sustainability and how exhibitors need to make smart choices when it comes to working with providers. In fact, our modular exhibition stands are already helping exhibitors to think and act in a sustainable way.

Trend #3: AI and Data Analytics

AI and data analytics are revolutionising event strategy and execution. Predictive modelling, for example, uses AI to analyse data from past exhibitions and then predict which design elements are most likely to attract attendees. It can determine the most effective layouts, colour schemes, or interactive elements based on historical engagement data. This helps exhibition specialists create stands that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimised for attendee attraction and engagement.

Using new and developing tools, data can transform event planning from an art to a science, ensuring precision and success in every decision. We predict more trade and consumer shows track and analyse data like this in the coming year. 

Trend #4: Interactive Technology and Gamification

Events in 2024 are taking interactive technology and gamification to new heights, building on the foundations laid by earlier VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) innovations. These technologies, once novel, have now become integral to creating immersive experiences in event exhibitions. The release of Apple Vision Pro marks a significant milestone in this evolution.

The integration of these technologies transforms events into interactive playgrounds. AR and VR are no longer just about showcasing products or services; they’re about creating a story that attendees can step into and experience first-hand. This is where the true magic of gamification comes into play. Interactive challenges, quests, and rewards within these virtual environments not only enhance participation and networking but also make events both educational and entertaining.

Exhibitors who invest in such interactive on-stand technology, will likely see greater and more long-lasting engagement with their audiences. These technologies foster a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that goes beyond traditional exhibition methods.

Trend #5: Storytelling

Storytelling is at the heart of exhibition design, a principle we hold dear at Imagine Events. In 2024, we anticipate a surge in creating immersive narratives that flow through every aspect of exhibition stands, from initial concept to final build. By incorporating elements like themed designs and interactive displays, the aim is to engage attendees deeply, transforming each stand into an enthralling story that reflects the essence of the brand it represents. This approach not only captivates the audience but also ensures that each exhibition stand crafted is a memorable, story-driven experience.

Exhibitors can take inspiration from immersive art exhibitions, museums and galleries that are already curating beautiful and engaging stories within a physical space.

Trend #6: Inclusivity and Accessibility

Inclusivity and accessibility are fundamental to modern event planning. Best practices in physical accessibility, language, and cultural inclusivity are crucial to create events that resonate with a diverse audience. Inclusive events foster a sense of community and belonging, making them not only more enjoyable but also more impactful.

In 2024, every exhibitor should ensure their stands are designed and built with this in mind, whether it is through meticulous planning to physical accessibility or understanding cultural nuances when creating signage in multiple markets.  

Pay meticulous attention to the navigation of your stands, to ensure that mobility challenges are considered  in a respectful and engaging manner while also representing your brand.

However, inclusivity in exhibition stand design is not just about physical and cultural accessibility; it’s about creating an environment where every visitor feels valued and engaged. 


As we navigate through the exciting landscape ahead of us in 2024, it’s evident that this year marks an evolution in how events are conceived and experienced. The trends we’ve highlighted, from the integration of virtual and hybrid elements to the emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity, are more than just shifts in preference; they’re reflections of a deeper change in the industry’s approach to creating meaningful, memorable experiences. 

Each trend points towards a future where exhibitions are not just seen but felt, offering experiences that are engaging, inclusive, and impactful. It’s a future we’re all moving towards, and one that promises to make every event one to remember.

Find out more about how Imagine Events can keep you ahead of the 2024 exhibition trends this year by getting in touch.