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Our Top 3 Tips on nailing your stand design

14th June 2023

In the fast-paced world of exhibitions, it’s crucial for you to break free from the ordinary and make a bold statement. If you’re looking to be different, try new things, and leave a lasting impression with your stand design, you’ve come to the right place.

At Imagine, our team wholeheartedly champions our clients’ pursuit of pushing boundaries and unleashing their boundless creativity. We understand that their ultimate goal is to engage and captivate their own customers, so we approach stand design with their clients’ needs and expectations in mind. By gaining insight into the demographics, interests, and desires of their target audience, we can develop stand concepts that truly connect with them on a deeper level.

In this blog, we will share our top three tips for creating a truly unique stand concept that considers both our clients’ goals and their clients’ needs. We will explore the essential elements of being daring and making an impact, whether it’s through captivating visuals, immersive experiences, or optimising stand space to allow for effortless movement.

Let’s dive in and discover how these tips can help you create a truly unique stand concept.

Focus on Visual Impact

The first tip to nailing your stand design is to prioritise visual impact. Your stand should be visually appealing and eye-catching, instantly capturing the attention of passersby. Here are a few strategies to achieve this:

Embrace unconventional visuals:
Dare to be different by incorporating unique and unconventional visual elements that catch the eye. Whether it’s through striking imagery, bold graphics, or innovative design choices, let your stand speak volumes about your brand’s creativity and forward-thinking approach.

Experiment with colours and styles:
Break away from the norm and choose a colour scheme and styles that command attention, all while remaining in line with your company’s core branding of course! While it’s important to strike a balance between vibrant colours that grab attention, and colours that are easy on the eyes, don’t be afraid to consider hues or patterns that reflect your brand’s personality.

Creating a Memorable Experience

Beyond visually stunning designs, creating a memorable experience for your visitors is paramount to leave a lasting impact. Consider incorporating the following:

Cutting-edge technology:
Explore the possibilities of incorporating cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, or interactive touchscreens to create an immersive experience.

Enhance visitor engagement through hands-on activities:
Add excitement by organising games, competitions, or interactive experiences that encourage active participation and exploration of your brand. These interactive elements provide a memorable and immersive experience, allowing visitors to engage with your brand.

Showcasing your products or services through live demonstrations can effectively highlight their unique features and benefits, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Captivate visitors with interactive displays that allow them to engage with your products or services in a hands-on way.

Offer attendees the opportunity to take a piece of your brand with them through giveaways or sustainable useable promotional items. These tangible reminders serve as valuable touchpoints and increase the likelihood of continued engagement after the event.
By providing a unique and immersive experience, you’ll create memories that resonate long after the event ends, and your brand is more likely to be at the forefront of your clients’, and prospects’ minds.

Bar or hospitality:
Incorporating a bar or hospitality element into your stand design can take your stand to the next level. By creating a welcoming and engaging space, you can provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Optimise Your Space

Regardless of the size of your stand, it’s crucial to make the most of the space you have. Here are a few tips to optimise your stand’s layout:

Reimagine Your Stand’s Layout and Design:
Break free from traditional setups and reimagine your stand’s layout and design. Explore unconventional arrangements, unique structures, and creative use of space to truly capture attention. Be bold in your choices and let your stand become a testament to your brand’s willingness to go beyond the expected.

Use Space Effectively:
Strategically arrange your stand elements to make the best use of the available space. Consider the flow of foot traffic and position key components such as product displays, interactive areas, and meeting areas for maximum visibility and accessibility. Also, be sure to consider storage space to keep bags and coats, spare giveaways and marketing collateral out of sight.

Ensure Easy Accessibility:
Ensure that your stand is easily accessible and encourages seamless movement for attendees. Eliminate any physical or psychological barriers by strategically placing key elements, providing clear pathways, and incorporating intuitive signage. Enhancing accessibility not only makes your stand more inviting but also maximises engagement opportunities.

Designing a stand that makes a lasting impression at an exhibition requires careful planning and attention to detail, and often trying something new and daring. By focusing on visual impact, creating a memorable experience, and optimising your space, you can ensure that your stand stands out from the crowd.

Remember, a well-designed stand not only attracts attention but also effectively communicates your brand and objectives.

So, put these tips into action and make your next exhibition a resounding success!