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10th January 2019

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What is Exhibitionology?

At Imagine Events, we pride ourselves on doing more than just designing and constructing exhibition displays and events. Our imagination takes your brand beyond the stand through a unique mix of knowledge, skill and design that we call Exhibitionology.

We apply our knowledge and skill to design, create and deliver exhibition displays, stands, interiors and conferences all over the world. We use more than 25 years’ worth of experience to show your brand at its best. We apply our technical skills to ensure you use the right technology to create valuable exhibition and event experiences that your customers and prospects remember.

Design is about creating eye-catching installations and displays that draw people in. We pay close attention to your brand guidelines, to represent your brand identity accurately and consistently to create the right effect. And then we add details that bring your brand to life. Twists of imaginative fun, interactive experiences, delightful surprises.

Whether you’re launching a product, raising awareness, or giving your audience the chance to see, hear, touch, taste or smell it, we offer you and your customers an unforgettable experience.

Why do we call it Exhibitionology?

Imagine walking into a new bar. A great bartender will immediately make you feel welcome. They will find out more about you and ask the right questions, so they can serve you an amazing drink that gets your taste buds tingling.

At Imagine Events, we appreciate great quality and excellent service. We like it when someone recommends something special to us. We bring that ethos into our business and offer our customers the kind of service that we appreciate.

We share a lot of qualities with that great bartender when it comes creating the right experience for your event, exhibition or display. We get to know you and your business, so that we understand when you’re looking for something with all the razzle dazzle and flamboyance of a new experience; and when to serve something straight up, steady and consistent.

A memorable cocktail is about more than just the taste. It’s about the quality of the ingredients, the style of the glass it’s presented in and how it’s served to you. We think the same theory applies to an unforgettable exhibition, event or conference.

So much has to be right to make your event a success. We apply our flair to create ingenious installations that fit the space, arrive on time, stand up to the rigours of thousands of visitors and act as a shop window for your brand.

We put the hours in, manage the logistics of delivery, set up and take down, so everything arrives in the right place at the right time, hassle free. All you have to do is turn up.

We’ve tackled all sorts of challenges. As part of exhibitions, events and displays we have:

• Constructed a display capable of supporting a one tonne industrial fan

• Commissioned an artist to create an eagle’s head out of vinyl flooring

• Installed a virtual reality flying machine

• Created theatrical sets from Dracula’s spooky castle to a farmyard barn

• Re-created a 70s disco and built a replica pub

Whether it’s a full-on carnival of sound, colour, light and experience, or something cool, classy and elegant, we represent your brand your way. We love adding the twists, the flourishes, the sparks of imagination that make your brand stand out in a crowded room.

Exhibitionology is about blending knowledge, skill and design to create the perfect mix for your event, audience, brand and budget. If you’re looking to shake up your events, and stir your customers’ emotions, get in touch and see what we can recommend.