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Celebrating a Decade of Innovation with 2Simple: The Transformation of the Exhibition Industry

21st July 2023

For the past ten years, Imagine Events has had the privilege of working alongside 2Simple, a renowned education technology company, on their exhibition stand designs for the prestigious annual BETT Show.

This milestone anniversary is not only a testament to our partnership but an opportunity to reflect on the tremendous evolution witnessed within the exhibitions industry over the past ten years.

Let’s delve into ten ways the industry has changed while sharing the valuable lessons we have learned from our collaboration with 2Simple.

2Simple have worked with Imagine on our BETT stand for the last 10 years and they have consistently delivered high-quality designs that support our vision and brand. Our ideas and preferences are always listened to, which has ensured it continues to align with changing requirements over time. The team are excellent at guiding us through the process and ensuring that everything goes to plan, from the initial conceptualisation stage to the final installation at the venue. 

Rebecca Gibson, Marketing Manager, 2 Simple

The Rise of Immersive Experiences
Exhibition stands have undergone a significant shift. The introduction of interactive elements, such as internet-connected TV screens and demo pods, has revolutionised attendee engagement. 

Working closely with 2Simple, we have consistently strived to create interactive experiences that captivate and educate visitors. Our use of pods created secluded spaces within the stand ensuring an informative experience for visitors to learn about 2Simple’s product and collect details on individuals interested in finding out more.

Embracing Sustainability
Environmental consciousness has emerged as a prominent focus in recent years, and we have seen a growing demand for sustainable exhibition stand designs. By repurposing materials from previous stands, we have helped 2Simple embody its commitment to sustainability and effectively convey its values to the BETT Show audience.

As we continue our collaboration we hope to keep developing in this area and find new ways to champion sustainability among the exhibition stand sector.

Streamlined Display and Organisation
Cluttered displays are now considered passé. Exhibitors recognise the importance of providing a visually appealing and well-organised space. With ample storage integrated into our designs, we ensured that 2Simple’s demo areas remained tidy, clutter-free and efficient, allowing attendees to focus on the products and services being showcased.

Multi-Device Demos
The proliferation of technology has opened up new avenues for engaging with exhibition attendees. In response to this trend, we incorporated a variety of devices, including screens, laptops, and iPads, across 2Simple’s exhibition stands. 

This approach enabled visitors to easily interact with the products and experience their capabilities firsthand.

Targeted Data Collection
Exhibitions serve as valuable opportunities for lead generation and market research. We recognise the significance of gathering information from interested individuals and engaged teachers for 2Simple to connect with.

By strategically incorporating data capture points within 2Simple’s stands, we enable them to expand their network and nurture the new relationships beyond the event.

Relationship Building
But exhibitions are not just about generating new leads; they provide an ideal platform for strengthening existing relationships.

We’ve worked closely with 2Simple to create spaces where teachers who are already familiar with their products can connect, receive updates, and explore additional offerings. This focus on relationship building has proven instrumental in fostering loyalty and facilitating upselling opportunities for 2Simple.

The Power of Brand Storytelling
Exhibitions have transformed into immersive storytelling experiences. It is no longer sufficient to simply display products. Presenting the brand’s story, values, and unique selling propositions has become vital.

Collaborating with 2Simple, we wove its narrative into the design of its exhibition stands, creating compelling environments that resonate with attendees and leave a lasting impression.

Technology Integration
By staying at the forefront of innovation, we have helped 2Simple demonstrate its commitment to delivering educational solutions through modern and engaging means.

With advances in technology, we’re excited to explore how we can incorporate some of the latest technology trends in our future stands.

Data-Driven Decision Making
The availability of data and analytics has transformed how exhibition stands are evaluated.

We understood the importance of tracking key metrics to measure success and inform future strategies and we’ve started implementing this even more over the last 10 years which allowed us to optimise stands for clients like 2Simple based on what we know works best.

Sales Enablement
Exhibitions are a significant channel for driving sales. Whether it is making on-the-spot sales or generating leads for future conversions.

Over the years this has become one of our main goals working with 2Simple. All of the above elements have allowed us to create exhibition stands that not only attract attention but also drivesales for all their products during the show.

As we reflect on our remarkable ten-year journey with 2Simple at the BETT Show, we take pride in the partnership we have built. We’ve delivered outstanding exhibition stands together, and showcased the power of long-term client relationships.

It has been a journey of innovation, collaboration, and creating exhibition experiences that captivate audiences, inspire learning, and exemplify the remarkable transformations in the exhibition stand sector.

Here’s to another ten years of success!